Might start posting music reviews here (possibly with other people joining in)

Just a thought. I might start posting some music reviews, like i started doing on my other site. I’ll also ask people to get an account so they can post their own reviews here, and we could have one big happy family 🙂 . I guess I’ll start now with some reviews from my other […]

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New blog, tired of the other one

Hey guys, I just made this blog becasue my blog over on http://www.undertheappletree.tk was being really annoying. For example, it wouldn’t let people comment, even after I downloaded all the little thingies I needed to to do it (anyone can comment here now, without having any account if you don’t want). Also, for no reason […]

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My name is Jackson Fishauf, I’m awesome and I live in Kettleby, Ontario. I go to King Secondary School, and I like snowboarding, drawing, taking pictures and watching LOST. This is my site.